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It’s been 30 years since our first translation job. Thirty years of hard work and sacrifice, but also of enormous satisfaction: the work that INTERMEDIATE srl has done for its customers has always been rooted in an intense relationship of empathy, understanding, and humility – in short, humanity.

Over time, we have understood that behind any simple translation, it is the “human” work that makes the difference. It is this intellect, the very effort of thinking, that can contribute an extra emphasis that can enhance, for example, the dialogue of a film set in a specific place and historical time.

Excellent results require more than experienced, selected, mother-tongue translators. They also require painstaking revision: revision providing 100% certainty that the work has been done right. This is our guarantee to you: a perfect result, through our “human” work of translation and revision. This is our trademark. Our brain is our calling card!

We have now revealed to you what our added value is, and in what direction our new coordinated image is going. Our desire is to satisfy, in the best possible way, any request you may have, because we care about you and your causes, and respect your missions.

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